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Bi art was founded in 1982 by Signorelli Angelo, actual president of the company.

Bi art has always concentrated on the development and production of a specific line of products for the fashion business ranging from:

1. Components and beads for the fashion jewelry industry

2. Fashion jewelry items

3. Accessories for the textile industry, such as buttons, buckles and other elements

All of bi art elements are made of polyester resin through a machine process but the added value of bi art production is the very specific and refined finish of the products which is often made by hand.

Hand carving, crystal encrusting, logo lasering, etc... these are some of the many processes bi art can make on the manufacts.

Every single piece is entirely designed and produced in Grumello del Monte, Italy.

Bi art distributes its fashion jewelry items under the name of bi art and its fashion elements and beads under the registred brand name

Bi art
via Roma, 135
24064 Grumello del Monte (BG)
Tel. +39 035832338
Fax +39 035830637
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P.iva: 00960420164
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